Sunday, November 8, 2009


I know it's been a couple days since I've blogged, but things have been crazy in this household. So this is going to be a random list of all you've missed in the last couple days---since I'm that exciting (can you sense the sarcasm??).

**Bug is all over the place. This week she has morphed into a little super baby. (Yes, I'm aware that it's totally normal progression....but I'm her mom, so Super Baby she is.)  Like I said earlier, she started crawling this week to chase Cleopatra's shoes. Since then, I have found her crawling down the hall with leaves brought in by one of my dogs in her mouth . I was sooo tempted to take a picture for the blog, but my internal monologue went something like this, "Wow, Mom of the Year, you already have a Bug with leaves in her mouth and have won a M.O.T. Y. award for that. Do you really need to win another one for choosing a blog photo over getting the leaves out??" Would've been cute picture though. :-)

This same week, she managed to pull herself up in her crib, take down the video monitor that was a good 5 inches away on the wall, and toss it on the floor when she should've been napping.  She's already letting us know that we're all up in her personal business. I mean, haven't we heard of an 8 month old's need for privacy? RUDE!! Super Baby has also been trying to fly this week and had I not had a firm grip on that diapered behind, she would've----right into the ground. She grabs the edges of the bed to pull herself off head-first in order to check out the scenary below. This means, I'm holding her butt at the top of the bed while she's got 1/2 of her body off the bed. This girl is fast, which means I need to move faster. No head injuries YET! :-) 

So I realize you all don't really care about the fact that Bug is doing what all babies her age are learning to do SUPER BABY, but....this blog is also my form of a diary, so you get to read stuff you don't care about while I get to document these little things that make me amazed by all God's little miracles in her life. I mean, it's amazing that 8 months ago she couldn't even hold up her own head. These little things we take for granted are huge strides for our little ones---but you all know that. You know the feeling of unabashed joy, the sound of angels singing, and the rays of sunshine that fill up the room when your baby goes from constipation to a beautiful blow-out up to their neck!! Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, right??

**On to random topic #2--yesterday's Pampered Chef get together. So this is the main reason I haven't posted in a couple days---parties stress me out! It's a lot of work for ME to attempt to become Cleopatra (remember that post??). Things that involve entertaining that are common sense to most people, are not to me. I grew up in a small town with a big family where people just dropped by all the time. My birthday parties were wings and pizza, a boxed vanilla cake with chocolate icing (no decorations other than candles that counted your years)...and all on paper plates--WHITE ones. No clever themes, goody bags, blow up slides. There was none of this "presentation" or cutesy entertainment. We were the definition of casual (and "casual" is putting it nicely). So needless to say, trying to be cutesy and homemakerish is not my cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE it if it were because I admire that in people...but it's going to take me some time to get there, and by "time" I mean MIRACLE! I love white paper plate girl who doesn't care, but I also love Cleopatra. Is there a way to be a Cleopatra who doesn't care or stress out with these things??

Overall, our little get-together went off pretty well. One of my besties came up to help me--another one who's good at entertaining. Love you, N! Cleopatra was out of town, but called me to make sure I was feeling good about things--love her! My husband managed to stay married to me and even endured the pre-party, stressed-to-the-max, bossy me. I didn't think I'd turn into that person but between little things to finish around the house, a baby who needed to eat, and a P.C. consultant who needed my assistance with her set-up (most MY responsibilities) ugly side of me came out with my Darling Dearest. "Honey, can you do this?? Hey, I need you to move this! Can you hide this upstairs where everything else that doesn't have a place has gone in preparation for this party bring this upstairs?" I mean, can I BE more annoying (said in my best Chandler voice)?? Does Cleopatra act like that before a party, or is she cool and together, sipping on a glass of wine and waiting for her guests to arrive since everything was finished hours beforehand??? Needless to say, I got to see some awesome people I haven't seen in a while, ate some delicious food, saw some pretty cool gadgets that I can't afford since I'm not working, and had an overall great time!! On top of that, I'm still married and my husband still loves me....until my next attempt at entertaining.


MommyB said...

Love it, AND I totally hide things for parties and play dates too. Lord help me if anyone opens up my coat/pantry/powder room closets!!!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I tell everyone that my upstairs is totally off limits and that is where I shove everthing till after the party! My friends haven't been upstairs in years!

Helene said...

I love hearing baby updates because it makes me all sentimental, missing the days when my kiddos were little babies!

Bug sounds adorable and obviously keeps you on your toes. One of my kids also ripped the video monitor off the wall one day. I was downstairs playing with my other 2 kids and I looked at the monitor just in time to see him looking up at the camera and then everything went fuzzy. He's still into mischief...guess that should have been a sign of things to come!

Thanks for the follow! I'm following you too!

Momma Snail said...

Love your new super cute blog! I totally hide things, too. I have a large rubbermaid container and when I hear that someone is on the way over, I throw everything that is on the floor in it and shove it in the closet. Thanks for visiting the Snail's Trail! We are in GA, too....near Augusta.