Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bug's First Temper Tantrum

My sweet angelic Bug has officially thrown her first temper tantrum. This girl loves to take my glasses off my face and shove them in her mouth. She does this millions of times a day (or at least tries to). Well, Darling Dearest and I were sitting in bed with her shortly after I nursed her and she decided she wanted my glasses. She wanted them BAD.

When she finally manhandled them off my face with her death grip and claws that could cut diamonds (why are they so sharp and painful when they're short??), she looked at those glasses with a sense of true accomplishment. Unfortunately for her, Darling Dearest was not about to let her unabashed joy and sense of success thwart him from making a quick recovery of my glasses (I don't think she's paying for them when she breaks them). So he gently took the glasses from her.

Well you would think he just stepped on her heart or killed her puppy dog. This girl SCREAMED!!!


She didn't whine, cry, or fuss.....she full-out screamed! It was a ticked-off battle cry against all that was wrong with the world. It was the kind of cry I'd only heard when she fell off the ottoman or hit her head on the side of the door (both stories I have been instructed by DD not to blog about because someone--ahem--was supposed to be supervising. This post doesn't count since I'm not technically blogging about the actual happenings).   :-)  She screamed so hard that there was actually a point where no sound was coming out--she'd lost her breath. She was THAT mad!

Darling Dearest thought surely he'd accidentally pinched her or something on accident since she was reacting like a crazy person, but he couldn't understand how he'd managed to hurt her by taking the glasses from her. When I told him that she was just mad and throwing a tantrum, we tested out our theory. We allowed her to get the glasses again only to take them from her (I could we be so cruel??). This girl SCREAMED again--so high-pitched that only dogs could hear her.  It was bad.

As any good parents would, we weren't going to let her tantrum get the best of us and thus, begin us down a slippery slope of losing control. Nope. We teachers are trained in how to manage kids, even during the ugliest of tantrums and let me tell you, I never had behavior problems in my class. If you give in to what they want...they win. You lose. I've seen SuperNanny a time or two and I know this is not how to parent a child.

So we took my glasses back. She SCREAMED. We didn't give in by giving her back the glasses. Instead, she got the remote. Oops! :-P   I guess we'll save the good parenting skills for the next tantrum.


Coupon Clippin' Mommy said...

There will be many more to come...I'm following from MBC. I hope you will check out my blog when you get a chance.

JoeyRes said...

The first thing I thought of when I read this was how glad I am to have had LASIK! My daughter's tantrums just boggle my mind. They are just so random sometimes! Some consider it a developmental milestone though, so um, congratulations!

MommyB said...

Wow that's great that she's waited so long to have her first tantrum! And remotes fix everything :)

joeypouch said...

You are brilliant - we have just started with Olive's tantrums. First one was over...would you believe...the remote control! Big tears, nay sobs when we took it away - well, out of her mouth! Nuts!!
Must be these Feb babies - the 9 month stage - has she become terribly clingy for mummy too? I can't leave the room without tears at the moment. Not. Fun!
Love your blog. A lot!!!