Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Started the new job this week and have two days behind me. WOW! Much more complicated than I ever would've imagined. I'm pretty exhausted and a little overwhelmed right now with all I DON'T know, but I'm usually a quick I hope I pick it up soon. The person I'm training with is due with her third child any minute now, so I may be in big trouble when she leaves. Bug came with me today and that didn't go as planned, but what can you expect for her first day there?? She was still really good, and thank the Lord that all the ladies there are AMAZING!! They're so laid back and patient. I really love them all! I go back tomorrow for the last day this week, so we'll see how things go then. For right now, I'm, EXHAUSTED, and the last thing I really want to do is blog (ok, maybe not the last thing). I guess I should rephrase that, "....and the first thing I really want to do right now is sit on my butt and watch some HGTV until So You Think You Can Dance comes on." So that, my friends, is what I'm going to do....with some delicious dinner beside me! Just hoping I don't fall asleep with my face in the homemade chicken pot pie!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!