Monday, November 16, 2009

And the worst blogger of the week goes to.....


So sorry's been a crazy week. So I discussed a "Tackle It Tuesday"...well, that theme has continued throughout the week. We've decided that we're going to put our house on the market after the holidays, which means we've got a LOT to do in just over a month (we're in NY over Christmas--so the last 2 weeks of December are shot). So yeah...that's what I've been doing. I've even been so obsessed that I decided to spend my birthday (Friday, the 13th---creepy, I know) taking on the war against the creatures under the bathroom sinks. PLEASE tell me some of your sinks look like mine!! I don't even know how they've managed to stay shut with the amount of crap under there. it even possible for me to have any more lotions, sprays, hair products??? Thanks to former students and Christmas presents...I've got Bath and Body Works under my sink (if only it could hold its weight around here and bring in some profit). Guess we know what all the ladies I know will be getting this Christmas (Mom, just because you're reading this doesn't mean you can't act surprised when you get a full set of lotion, spray, and body wash. Oh, you should also act oblivious to the fact that 1/4 of it is gone!!). So I've cleared out a good amount of my stash and my sinks are slightly more organize...but still full to the max. Oh well....I tried!!

Did I mention I'm currently typing this blog from the guest bedroom CLOSET?? I know, totally ghetto. But I just think we're taking a hint from IKEA and developing our own space saver. Yes, I realize this pimpin' set-up probably won't be able to stick around when we actually open our doors to buyers, but our guest room was functioning as a bedroom/office. Darling Dearest is not about to part with his man den completely (yes, the TV in here is going to have to head to storage too--spacious rooms, right??), so here the desk will stay tucked neatly away in our little clothesless closet. The sad thing's kinda cute! You'd still consider a house with a desk in the closet, right?? Ok, we still have our laptop....but I've already staked my claim on DELL and I don't know how I feel about him two-timing me with my husband. Things get messy that way.

So yeah, this week has been spent in my PJs as I've been de-cluttering like a mad woman. I only wish Bug hadn't decided to start crawling before we embarked on this journey. It's quite the experience attempting to entertain her while keeping her out of trouble/danger (haven't been 100% successful--but that's for another post) AND getting stuff done around the house. Gone are the days where I could sit her in her exersaucer and do some dishes while she squawked and squeeled (if you knew Bug, you know she makes such high-pitched sounds that only dogs understand). Now she wants to be on the move exploring every facet of the house at ALL times. Needless to say, I'm relieved when it's time for her nap so I can really concentrate on my work. Full disclosure: showering is one task (and yes, it's definitely become a "task" lately) that I haven't fit it as often as I should. How gross am I???

If this picture isn't pathetic enough (and if you're still reading this post while ignoring the fact that you just puked up in your mouth while reading of my nasty self), I seem to have gotten a case of serious project ADD. Now I question whether this is something that just has gone undiagnosed, because I AM all over the place. And being a teacher, I've seen plenty of ADD....and I can totally identify with those little guys. Case in point: Tonight, I was talking to Cleopatra's cute little hubby about real estate when I glanced up at my mirror and in mid-sentence of talking to him, I said to Cleopatra, "Oh, I'm going to put a floating shelf under there," (yes, I DO need her input when it comes to the decor of my house given the fact that hers looks like a model home and mine needs to) then I continued talkingwith her hubby as if I had not totally interupted myself. How ADD am I??

Speaking of.........Where was I going with this? Back to my my original topic--my project ADD. I've been all over my house de-cluttering, but NOTHING is done. I start boxing up books in my room to put in storage when I remember that there are books in the guest room that I should add. So I go to the guest room, get those books, then start on something else in the guest room, which reminds me of something I need to do in the kitchen...then I start on something in there. Do you see where I'm going with this?? Do you feel my spastic insanity?? Do you understand why I have the worst case of project ADD there is?? I've been working my butt off for a week and what do I have to show for it?? A house that looks like a tornado ran through it---piles everywhere (to get boxed, to go to Goodwill, to get put away, etc), in every room!! UGH! It's making me stressed just typing this.

My kitchen pantry, cabinets, and cupboards are all done and organized...but my countertops have some random things on them in the "garbage" and "Goodwill" piles. Kitchen--UNCHECK!! My bedroom--my closet is done (oops, except for one pile of dress pants that I won't be wearing anytime soon--hello jobless--that couldn't fit in one of my packed bins and need to go in another for storage), my dressers (oops, no...they're 1/2 done too), my master bath sink (all the drawers except for my ridiculous make-up drawer---who can even organize that thin drawer in the middle anyway?? HELP PLEASE!).....oh, and I haven't even touched the cleaning aspect. Master bedroom---UNCHECK!! Guest bedroom still has a couple piles, and we've already discussed the desk in the closet---UNCHECK!! Bug's room only has a few things---UNCHECK!!. My garage---oh, I can't even talk about the mess that is, but I've made a dent in it. Why?? Because I have project ADD and am doing EVERYTHING, but finishing NOTHING. What's worse is that I still have all this de-cluttering & cleaning to do and today, I'm out shopping for finishing decor for staging (thanks to my new 24/7 obsession with HGTV--seriously, if you're not into's what all the cool kids are doing. Jump off the bridge with us!!) and contemplating paint colors!! What in the world?? Somebody stop me!! I need some serious intervention! I'm a hot mess and someone needs to put me in my place.

I've decided that no matter how it gets done--project ADD or the one-room-at-a-time approach (like SHOULD be done), it WILL get done this week. All of my de-cluttering and spotless cleaning MUST get done this week. Why?? Because I said so! Didn't your mother ever tell you not to ask why? And hey, I may even add "shower" on my list of things to do (Bug and I have appts on Mon. and Wed---so that's 2 days out of 7, right??). And I leave you with that---the epitome of a hot mess!!

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Susannah said...

OMG-I didn't throw up in my moth, I squealed laughing! That is me too!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's bad!