Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tackle It Tuesday

So in my blog surfing, I found someone who had Tackle It Tuesday as her theme for today(if this was you, let me know so I can give you credit). Anyway, her theme inspired me to do some tackling of my own. In keeping with imaginary house hunting, which I hope to turn into REAL house hunting....a decision has been made to get our house ready to put on the market. This means, a LOT of de-cluttering and hiding things in friend's basements organizing, not to mention cleaning, decorating, and staging. So today, I tackled one of the biggest projects of all---the master closet!

Cleopatra told me I needed to go through and get things into piles, so I decided upon "Goodwill--aka. Why the heck do I still own this? I think I bought this in middle school!", "Summer clothes that I've never EVER actually put away for summer and typically just take up space in my closet and dresser", "Maternity clothes that should've been put away at least 6 months ago but I keep them around because I'm convinced that I can get more bang for my buck if I keep wearing the tops", and finally "I'm no longer working so why do I need dress pants?? aka...I'll wear you later." The clothes that didn't fit into these 4 categories stayed in my closet.

So I left Bug to crawl around on the floor and get into trouble every 5 seconds in her curious exploration of this new world around her while I tore myself through my closet like a Kansas tornado (ok, my only knowledge of Kansas tornados comes from Twister--was that even Kansas?). I had clothes flying off their hangers and parachuting to their appropriate overflowing piles, all while watching Bug eat paper tags she managed to steal from the Walmart bag playing with Bug. Oh, don't hate or chastise me just yet....I was at least watching her chew on these tags. And YES, I did take them away, so don't call child protective services for tag-chewing negligence.

This is what my closet and bathroom looked like after the tornado whipped through.

Once my closet managed to puke up these separate piles, I folded and organized them. I even employed the "EXTREME folding" strategy (aka...nursing Bug on the floor of my walk-in closet while folding clothes). I don't mess around when trying to become Cleopatra. :-) It's all or nothing, baby!! Darling Dearest even brought home storage bins that he picked up on his lunch because there was no way in the world I was heading out in the torrential downpour with Bug. It hasn't stopped all day and is still pounding on my window as I write this. So off to Goodwill and friend's basements storage these bins will go!

Unfortunately, this "Tackle It" theme will have to go on every day until our house shines like the top of the Chrysler Building, as my dad and Mrs. Hannigan would say. I'm regretting that I didn't take any "before" pictures of the closet, but am proud that I even went through undies, bras, winter wear, shoes, belts...you name it! This may be the normal scene for some of you, but the packrat inside me is dying a slow and painful death in the war against clutter. Onto dreams of a clutterless, model home (the one I hope mine will transform into) before waking up to another day of tackling the chaos that is my house and chasing around the cutest Bug ever!


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

My closet need some serious attention too! The thing about getting your home ready to put on the market is that once you do get it all looking so neat, clean, and clutter free....it feels like a new house and you almost don't want to leave! I said "almost"! Good Luck!

Chrissy MacCEO said...

That post motivates me to dig into my closets and make some space!! Thanks!!