Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And we're off......

This post is going to be short and sweet (for the record, whenever I say this type of thing, it always ends up the opposite--probably because of extra details I put in parentheses). I think Bug has officially become a crawler!! Now, she's been taking random crawling "steps" here and there this week--normally 3 at a time. But tonight, she was on a roll. What inspired all this action?? Cleopatra's silver, shiny heels (yes, my awesome friend came over to help me get my house cutesy for a get-together this weekend and even brought her fall decor)!!!

So here's the play-by-play:

Cleopatra took off her heels to stand on one of my chairs, and before she had even gotten the second shoe off, Bug's eyes were saucers and she CRAWLED toward that little piece of metallic heaven with a passion and persistence I have never seen. And she got it!!! So I moved it farther, partly because who wants their daughter chewing on some one's shoe and mostly because I wanted to see her little booty shake across that floor again to capture her a sexy heel. SHE DID!! I even completely changed directions and moved it AGAIN. There was no stopping her. That hot little number of a shoe kept her interest the entire night. Did I mention that she had toys surrounding her?? None of which interested her in the slightest once she found that shoe. I was sooo excited, I almost gave her that shoe she worked so hard to get and let her chew her little heart out....ALMOST!

So from this exciting milestone, I've drawn a few conclusions:
  1. My little bug loves her some sexy heels!
  2. She likes girlie things with some sparkle and shine (don't we all??).
  3. She was trying to steal my very-put-together friend's cute shoes because she feels bad for her mother and the shoes she attempts to pull off (some with nails coming out that they wreck one of her best friend's mother-in-law's wood floor at a baby shower--YES, that happened--some with the wedge completely worn down that the "heel" is rounded and impossible to walk in, some with inserts that are coming out, some with the sole disconnecting from the toe, etc.). Yes, my Bug is embarrassed of the shoes I not only own, but attempt to wear and pull off, no less!!! Who does that??? Good thing I took advantage of my 50% off Oprah coupon to Payless this weekend and got some flats that are in shape...FOR NOW!

SO with her new skill, I'm thinking of putting her to work at my party on Saturday and maybe catching myself some new pairs of shoes. Ladies, hold on to your shoes.....I've got a Bug, and I know how to use her!!

PS. So much for short and sweet..........see what I mean??


Veronica Lee said...

Thanks for the follow. I'm now following your lovely blog.

FeliciaE said...

watch out momma you have a future shoe aholoic on your hands.

I love your blog and have given you an award head on over to my page to check it out.