Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Husband Can Beat Up Your Husband maybe not. He's a lover, not a fighter anyway, BUT I needed a clever title to brag about how great Darling Dearest is and what a HUGE help he was to me this weekend. Yes, I need to write this out so I can remember these lovey-dovey feelings when I'm mad at him for saying something stupid. hehe!

We got TONS, and I mean TONS, done this past weekend. Cleopatra came over Friday night. Chatting was our biggest accomplishment, but we did move some furniture about and beautify some areas. It didn't matter by that point anyway because I got a ton done throughout the day in between flashing my neighbor (story still to come).

Saturday, another friend came over to see Bug. We picked out a paint color for the guest room (a neutral shade for the buyers), went shopping for curtains (to NO avail), and hit up VS to use up a coupon on some bras. Gotta keep my milk makers supported---and boy, do they need support now. Let's not even talk about what happened to them after nursing! Ok, back on topic.....Again, not much being accomplished on the part of the house...but we tried, and she brought me beautiful sunflowers (yellow and red) for a belated birthday present. LOVE them!

On to why Darling Dearest is the greatest......

While my friend was over, the hubby picked up the paint we'd chosen and our lunch. Then, he proceeded to trim the room while we took Bug and went shopping for curtains. He finished up painting the guest room THAT night and we hung pictures on the wall. In my opinion, it looks GREAT (major upgrade) and is perfect for selling--simple, neutral, perfect! I've got a lot of HGTV research under my belt now, so I feel confident in making such bold statements, given the room we're working with.

We were up late Saturday night finishing up the room and some other projects, so I was EXHAUSTED Sunday morning. I mean, the kind of exhausted where you move about your business--nursing Bug, going to the bathroom, finding her toys to play with--all while refusing to open your eyes. Not to mention, Bug decided she'd wake up at 5 something (she usually sleeps til 7:30) and figured she'd stay awake and play. So up we got to do more work. Darling Dearest got right to work painting the hallway, while I slept on the floor in Bug's room vigilantly watched Bug play. So what if I had one of her tiny baby blankets over me while I laid face-first in the floor?? I've got eyes in the back of my head and through closed eyelids, right??? :-)

Bug was WAY off her schedule and I was dead tired, so we skipped church. Sorry, Pastor Andy Stanley---love you guys and love our church, but I don't think our 3-person crew was going to be able to function had we gone. At some point while Bug was sleeping, I had passed out sitting up in bed. It was during this time that Darling Dearest won my heart all over again. Just like in the fairy tales, the prince goes to save the damsel in distress (if you knew me, you'd probably laugh at even a sarcastic comparison of me to a damsel), but instead of riding on a white horse and slaying dragons, he was dumpster diving....and instead of saving the damsel, he fought to recover my missing thyroid medicine and a handle from one of our dressers.

Backing up a little.....I have hypothryroidism. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago. If you know anything about thyroid disease, you know you have to take a pill EVERY day. Especially because I'm still nursing and my hormones aren't regulated yet, that thyroid medicine is very important. Well, I just refilled my NOT covered prescription due to pre-existing conditions (insurance mess for a later post), and it was MIA. I was not about to go shell out the cashflow AGAIN. I didn't know for sure that it had been thrown out. But there's been so many people over to my house lately, that I thought it was a possibility. It doesn't stop there, folks! I also purposely threw away the handle from one of my dressers because I thought we were getting all new hardware on the top drawers. Come to find out--it was from the bottom drawer and we NEEDED that handle. So I told my husband that I needed to go dumpster diving--and really was intending to do so. Little did I know that during my slumber, Darling Dearest would go dumpster diving and uncover both the missing medicine AND the handle, on top of painting the guest room & the hallway, and picking up lunch. Did I mention he let me sleep when the Bug woke up?? So yeah....he's pretty much the greatest, and while he may or may not be able to beat up your husband....he sure rocked my exhausted, "way-over-the-whole-decluttering-thing" world!!! So he's superman! Ladies, he's a taken, baby-daddy....and I pack a mean punch. :-P


Lindsey said...

Sounds like a wonderful husband! Have a great thanksgiving :)

JoeyRes said...

Happy Thanksgiving, I have a "Heartfelt Blogger Award" for you. Pick it up at my blog!

And P.S. your husband sounds great but is still not going to beat up my husband or beat him in a footrace for that matter! :)