Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

So I don't quite understand these theme days since I'm a newbie blogger and all, but "Wordless Wednesdays" seem to be all the rage. When in Rome............

SO, here are some pictures of the cutest Bug there is (in my humble and unbiased opinion).

Pictures taken by one of my college besties---thanks, N! She is truly my heart outside of my body...Bug, that is. ;-)  

Happy Wednesday, everyone!


Jennifer said...

Eyes. Just giving me eyes! LOL! She is an absolute peach!!! Oh, and yes, her ensemble is adorable, just like her! ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh...i thought you meant that i was your heart...hehehehe ~N

Risley and Dylan said...

oh! what a cute photo!!
fun blog!!