Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Babies R Us

Dear Babies R Us,

Perhaps you have forgotten (even though it's in your very name) that you are a BABY store. Yes, I love that you typically have exactly what I'm looking for and I can count on you for my products. However, the fact that you supply baby goodies also inherently means that there will be a lot of extra returns. While baby showers are a lot of fun and a great help to the new mama, let's be honest folks---sometimes we get things we may not want, need, or even LIKE. What one person thinks is this adorable outfit for baby, mama may not appreciate so much. So what is needed? A RETURN! What about the mama who buys Newborn clothes and the baby pops out a full-grown toddler (ok, slight exaggeration---but I come from a fam of big babies, with the exception of my own) and can't fit into that size. What is needed then? A RETURN! An exchange of sizes, if you will.  What about the person who got two of something AS GIFTS? What is needed? A RETURN!

Oh Babies R Us,  do you not realize that a store complete with all things baby is bound to need a good return policy?? Let's be honest, some people don't give gift receipts, sometimes we have NO proof of purchase (especially in the case of gifts--AS PEOPLE LIKE TO GET BABIES), sometimes we need different sizes of the SAME EXACT THING, sometimes these items aren't from our baby registry WHEN OUR BABY IS OVER 10 MONTHS OLD!!!

Is your means of having a return policy to not allow returns AT ALL? I've gone through this three times now with you, Babies R Us. In fact, people who have heard the stories don't believe they're true because your policy is that ridiculous. Let's rewind  to before my Bug was born when I received some items from your store at a baby shower--things I didn't want/need/like. They still had their tags, but didn't happen to come with a gift receipt. You would not return these for me because of no proof of purchase and because I didn't have the item(s) on my registry. You're going to punish ME for not putting items that I did not want, need, or like on my registry?? Really?? You're going to force me to try to trick the system by later adding these items to my registry online only so I could take them back?? Is something wrong with adding yet one more ridiculous thing to do on an 8 month pregnant person's list?? How about the fact that I couldn't find one of the newborn clothing items online to add to my registry (the size wasn't available), so I just had to keep it?? Thanks Babies R Us.

Come with me to a good 6 months or so when I went into your fine establishment to exchange a small sleep sack for a medium one of the same kind. I did register for a sleep sack, but got one in a different color. I was fine with this, but it doesn't seem that you were, Babies R Us, because you gave me the hardest time about exchanging something when I didn't have a proof of purchase. Yes, it was still in all its packaging and had never been touched, but that wasn't good enough for you. After 20 million managers later and much wasted time, you begrudgingly allowed me to get a bigger size for my growing daughter. Oh, how kind!

Finally, the straw that broke the camels back occurred yesterday. I had asked for 12 month warm, winter PJs for Bug since her stuff was too small on her. Well, for Christmas, I got exactly what I asked for from several people----cute, snuggly 12 month PJs. The problem, Babies R Us, is that the Carters 12 month clothing is evidentally too big for her and I didn't realize this. Yes, she may be able to fit into them in a few months when the weather is cold still, but will she be able to make use of all the ones I got?? Probably not. It'll be spring in GA--the weather could be warm or cold. Would she have pjs to wear now?? Nope! After telling my mom of my pridicament, she couldn't believe that you wouldn't take a couple of them back for a smaller size. I wanted the EXACT SAME PRODUCT. So I threw out my former opinions of you and your return policy and attempted to turn a new leaf in light of the new year approaching. Oh Babies R Us, you disappointed me yet AGAIN. The customer service girl was not going to do any of it for me.

Did I have a proof of purchase??

You mean these tags on the pjs aren't proof enough?? What about the fact that I walked right in to the customer service desk so you knew I didn't swipe these pjs from the racks?? What about the fact that they were a gift and were exactly what I asked for so the people didn't think to add a gift receipt??

Were these items on my registry??

Lady, my baby is over 10 months old. I haven't put anything on my registry in over a year! NO, I am not going to register for all her gifts from now until she grows out of your lack-of-a-decent-return-policy store.

Finally, she gets a manager to be oh so kind as to allow me to switch sizes to the exact same item. I'm thrilled to have finally gotten through! Wouldn't you know it, they don't have any more in her size and I'm out the door with the same pjs I went in with. UGH!!!

Babies R Us, I think I'd have better luck taking back YOUR merchandise to Walmart where at least they know how to treat a customer with their return policy. Way to get us mamas and soon-to-be mamas back on the returning process. You're really fighting the bad guys!


Annoyed First Time Mommy

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Overwhelming Love

***We interupt the norm of the silly posts to bring you something more real. Like I said before, I tell it like it is, and I tell you what's on my heart. If this topic makes some of you uncomfortable, then I'm sorry....but nothing has been more real to me this morning. I pray that He speaks to you as much as He's spoken to me this morning.***

God's really been speaking to me lately about His love for me/you/us. Prior to having Bug, I always knew God loved me--He's shown it to me in countless ways, BUT never was it so real to me until after looking in the eyes of the most precious gift I've ever received--my daughter.

They say being a mother changes you, and I would agree that it does. But the thing I've noticed the most is how real God has become to me during these times---how I feel like I understand Him better and have become more than grateful for His presence in my life.

I love the times before Bug's naps...when she's tired, resting her head on my chest or shoulder, and I'm rocking her to sleep. Each and every minute feels like the most precious thing, and I am overwhelmed with love and emotion for her. I would take a bullet for her. I'd walk to the ends of the earth for her. My love for her feels ferocious---and yet, it is not as unconditional as I would like it to be because I'm human. Then it hits much greater than MY overwhelming sense of love for my baby girl is God's PERFECT and truly UNCONDITIONAL love for me? How much more precious is this little girl that I'm holding TO HIM? I think I would take a bullet for her, well God already did when He sent the son He loved so much to die for those who hated him--nails ripping through His flesh as He hung on the cross.

I know the love I have for my daughter, so how much more is the love God has for His children? What's amazing to me is that God's love is unconditional. It's easy for me to love my Bug--her smile lights up my world, the joy in her eyes fills my heart, when she's in pain, I ache for her. She's a good baby...she's my greatest earthly gift. She's unbelievably easy to love. As far as I'm concerned, how could anyone NOT love her?? I'm sure I may feel different when she's older and rolls her eyes at me, throws a temper tantrum, disobeys---because, I'm human. I'm confident that there will be times when love will be a decision, where the warm-and-fussies will be a little harder to hold on to. Hello teenage years? :-)

Yet, God loves the unlovable even MORE than I love my daughter, even in her perfect moments?? Huh? He loves ALL of His children this much---no matter what we do---good or bad. Lately, I haven't been so consistent with my time with the Lord. It's been hard to find the time with all that's going on in my life. Translation: I haven't MADE the time because I haven't set Him as my top priority. No excuses---I make time for what I want to make time for.

Well, this morning during my time with Him, He spoke to me about His great love for me. Even though He's been put on the backburner and I've made other things more important in my daily routine, He's there. Even though I talk more than I listen, He's there. Even though there are times when I literally ignore Him and choose not to spend time with Him, He's waiting. Can we say we'd do the same if someone (even our very own children) treated us like that?? Would I still look at my Bug like she's the best thing in my world when she's pushing me away and treating me like dirt (as I'm sure there will be plenty of times when she will)??

Praise the Lord for his unfailing, unconditional, and unhuman-like love. I'm grateful that although He has probably been one of my last priorities lately, He loves me just the same. He looks at me with tears in His eyes because the love He has for me, for you, for us is overwhelming. We didn't earn that love--there's nothing we could do to earn it. We aren't/won't be worthy of it....but we can claim it. It can be ours. We can know His love, and He can change our world.

Thank you, Father, for your love. Thank you for sending your beloved Son to us by humble means, even knowing He'd be coming to die. Thank you for giving me my Bug, so aspects of who you are could become more clear (and yet, more unfathomable) to me through motherhood.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The trip of a lifetime.....

So we're back in GA from our Christmas "vacation" visiting our family in NY. Better yet, I lived to tell about it. My last post painted a pretty vivid picture of what I was imagining our drive up to be....but let me tell you, it was all that and WORSE!

We started off well...

Bug and I were smooshed in the back and the car was brimming with gifts and junk (the pink bag is for a friend having a baby girl)....

As expected, at every gas station stop, the dogs became frantic---whining and doing this...

But eventually, we drugged them they made themselves comfortable and looked more like this (at least WHILE driving)...

When we started the long drive, it was rainy and nasty out. The GPS sent us on some crazy backroads to Timbuktu and I got carsick. We left right when it was time for Bug to head to slumberland for the night, and I thought the road would lull her to sleep......NOPE. She stayed awake and was in rare form for over 2 hours. I had a serious dilemna---she falls asleep faster with me up front because she can't see me, BUT she was a fuss bucket and I didn't want my boobies too far away from her in case I could attempt to put her in a milk coma. Well, I went back and forth with these thoughts...literally and figuratively. We pulled over, I got out and moved the cooler to the back so I could sit with the WET and DIRTY dogs on top of me---AWESOME. After driving a VERY short while, I realized it had been some time since I fed her and maybe I needed to get in the back. So Hubby pulled over and the cooler and I swapped positions again (but not without whiney, frantic dogs). While in the back, I attempted to feed her---anything to keep her quiet--and spent a good amount of time leaning forward over my knees so she wouldn't see me sitting next to her. Did I mention my back was already aching because I had thrown it out carrying ridiculously heavy suitcases down the stairs....AWESOME!

Once Bug finally fell asleep, I could sit up straight and attempt to sleep in my cold, wet, and dirty clothes (thanks, pups)---all was well with the world. Until it got really snowy. Thank God we went  75 (a different way than normal) or we would've been stuck in NC and VA on interstate 77 like my brother and his girlfriend were for 7+ hours---YIKES. Well, these native Western New Yorkers have lost their comfort with driving in the snow, especially tracks. So a little before 1 AM, we decided to pull over to the nearest Econolodge (we needed a motel to sneak the dogs in).

Bug woke up during the transition into the motel, so I figured I'd feed her and put her in the king bed with Hubby and I (no room for our Pack n' Play in the car). Well, the nursing to sleep didn't quite work out like I thought. Instead, she thought we were at Disney Land and it was playtime. She was crawling all over the huge bed, pulling herself up on the backboard, falling down, pulling herself up on the hubby (who at this point had given both of us his backside so he could attempt to sleep), falling down---causing a scene. What did I do? I whipped out the boobies time after time, I squatted, I patted, I sang, I hummed, I danced, I did EVERYTHING I had in my arsenal to get her to sleep. And it worked like 4 times...until I put her down. UGH! This girl was NOT sleeping. We (and by "we", I mean Hubby and I since we were the only ones who didn't get sleep) were overtired...the eyes were burning.



So when it was 3:30am (yep, we were there for over 2 1/2 hours and $67 of this shinanigan), we decided to put Bug in her carseat and hit the road while dragging our exhausted feet the whole way. When in the carseat on the little dresser in the room, she seemed quiet and ready to go to bed. Just before we headed out the door (we literally had our shoes on and everything packed and ready to go), we entertained the idea that MAYBE she'd sleep in her carseat and we could sleep there for a few hours after all. As I was moving Bug in her carseat to the floor, I saw that she was not the only bug in the room---ROACHES!

Awesome.....we're out of here.

On the road again.....

Hubby drives until 7AM and I took over the remainder of the drive (with a little added help from Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte--as big as it comes). I know caffeine isn't good for the breastmilk, but I figured a hyped-up baby is better than a falling-asleep-at-the-wheel mama. We finally made it to NY around 1:30pm.

Just when I thought our drive couldn't have been any worse, my brother and his girlfriend who left Orlando the day we did (12/18) around 4PM got to NY (a drive he's made in 17 hours) at 10:30pm the following night. He'd been "driving" for 29 hours and was seriously high on Red Bulls when he got home. The highways where they were (the route we normally take) were shut down and the only sleep they got was 2 hours on closed interstate 77. Strangely enough, I thanked God for OUR trip. :-)

Guess the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Away we go......

So today is the day (hopefully) that we head back home to NY. Both my husband and I are from western NY, so we take the long drive there every Christmas. This year it will be very interesting because it's the first time Bug has taken a road trip since she was 6 weeks old--and it's going to be a LONG one. We plan on leaving tonight after my husband gets done with work so she'll be sleeping for most of it. We'll drive til we can't drive no mo' (typically in VA) and then stay somewhere for the night (sneak the dogs in..shhh) until we start all over again in the morning. We always choose to drive up for Christmas because we have the 2 dogs (with no one to watch them and we won't board them), our junk, and all the Christmas presents. Hubby tells me to pack light, but 1. I'm a girl, 2. It's winter and FREEZING cold in NY (did I mention it's supposed to be in the 20s???) so everything that I pack is huge and takes up tons of space (pardon me, but it's a little harder to "pack light" with parkas and sweaters than with tank tops), and 3. I'M A GIRL!! Hello---hair products and shoes?? hehe! Ok, I'm not that bad, but I thought I'd play up the girlie card, especially when I don't feel so girlie anymore with this whole not showering occasionally thing. :-) ANYWHO.....The car is usually packed enough, but now we're adding a carseat, the heavy-duty Chicco stroller, maybe a pack n' play, and a Bug!! How we're going to fit everything is beyond me!

This trip should be interesting, to say the least. Darling Dearest has been sick for the past couple days.....I mean SICK. The other night, he spent the entire time after work throwing up everything and anything that entered his body. He didn't have a temperature though, so he was hoping that it was a weird lunch or something random. The following day, he actually stayed home from work--HUGE deal since it was probably only the 2nd time he's done this in 6 1/2 years of working for this company. He didn't eat anything that day. I was practically force-feeding him crackers. Yesterday, he felt well enough to go to work, but came home for lunch for a fancy meal of TOAST. YUM!! He didn't eat dinner (toast again) and he was feeling sick last night and this morning. Now, he doesn't know whether he's still sick or if he's just sick and weak from not eating. Either way....NOT a good thing before we head out on a 14 hour trip (in normal weather). I told him I planned on driving so he could rest, but he thinks that'll make him feel worse--like the road will be a distraction. We'll see.

So we've got the pukey husband. On top of that, we've got 2 dogs---including 1 EXTREMELY anxious one. We're driving at night so Bug can sleep most of the time. Well, I just recalled how anytime and EVERYTIME we stop anywhere or even slow down enough that Rome (the extremely anxious one) thinks we're stopping...he freaks the heck out. He's whining, getting antzy, racing for the door. If Hubby is getting gas....he sits at the door, scratching the window and continues to whine like the biggest baby you've ever seen---AND he can see him!! It's not like Hubby disappeared. He's right in front of him! Ugh. Love him to death, but he's SOOO annoying (Rome, not hubby). Not to mention that last time we made this trip with the both of them when I was about 8 months pregnant, they both wanted to be on my lap the entire time. Not fun for several reasons---can't move, stretch out, or get comfortable--but the biggest being that I was covered in dog hair. COVERED! I kept throwing them in the back seat, but somehow they found their way back on my lap--yep. TWO dogs!

Yeah, I know....SO cute. Well cute isn't so comfy on the long haul from GA to NY. And cute doesn't make annoying any less annoying. And cute makes an otherwise decent car ride EXHAUSTING!

Cut to this year. Without the ability to predict the future, I think I'll come pretty darn close. Bug will be an angel and fall asleep relatively quickly. She'll be sleeping peacefully UNTIL the boys start getting whiney to come up on my lap or we stop for gas, food, a chance for Hubby to name it. Bug is rudely awaken from her slumber and begins to scream. We have dogs whining and scratching at the door, Bug screaming, and Darling Dearest puking his brains out (complete with broken blood vessels all around his eyes--he gets this EVERY time he throws up without fail). As a result, I will be twisted around in crazy positions attempting to stick a boob in Bug's mouth to get her calm, all while reaching to smack the annoying dogs down from the door with one hand and offering Darling Dearest a wipe or a cracker with the other hand. All of this in a packed car where no one can move or even dare to breathe. How's that for a fun car trip??

To top all of that off, soon we will be home and will be walking the line of pleasing everyone. We'll be home a week and have two families to visit, plus all of my extended family, and some of our friends. It's always so hard because Hubby only has his parents in NY to see while I have both sets of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins (some of whom only come up once a year and didn't last year), etc. His family wants equal time, but it's such a stresser for both Hubby and I to see everyone and give them their time with me having SO much more family to see---especially now with the Bug involved. Prior years,  Hubby and I would separate some nights so he could be with his fam and I could be with mine. It was GRAND that way. I don't know how that's going to roll this year with a Bug who has to be attached to me, as the source of her food and grandparents who will fight to the finish to see her.

Did I mention that she's getting her first tooth?? Yeah, I saw it yesterday. She's been really fussy this week, especially during mealtimes. We get in full-out food fights when I'm sticking mushed food in her mouth. Well, now I know why. So I'm going to have a sick hubby, one fussy/teething baby, and two dogs to wisk between two houses EVERY. OTHER. NIGHT!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm totally looking forward to going home and seeing everyone (I actually love being there), but there's parts I'm also DREADING. Here's to hoping for no additional stress and drama than what's innately in the plans.

So now I'm going to end this post because I have a MILLION things to do. Let's be honest--I totally didn't have the time to sit in bed and write this post. In no alternate universe should this have been on my list of things to do, much less one of the first things I did. BUT, I figured you all needed to know what the next week will look like for me. I may or may not be able to update my blog while home. We'll see how hairy it gets. Either way, I'll make sure to take lots of pictures and am bound to have some stories.

In the meantime, I'd love to hear what fun and crazy plans you have for Christmas. I know, it's politically correct to say "holidays", but it's Christmas for me. It's all about the birth of Christ, so I'm hoping to keep that in the forefront of my mind, even amidst the chaos this time of year brings.

If I don't get a chance to say it beforehand (if I'm separated from my blog), Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you have a wonderful and restful time with those you love!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

So I thought I'd put up some updated pictures of the Bug from the past month.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weight loss---YAY????

***This post is NOT intended for any male readers. I'm pretty 100% sure I don't have any since this blog isn't really their cup of tea, but I'm still giving any males that may have unknowingly wandered here the explicit instructions to leave immediately or do not read this post. As always, it's TMI and completely inappropriate for anyone who believes a lady should be a lady.***

So according to my digital scale, I am down 12 lbs from what I was pre-pregnancy. Yipee!!!! Right???  I should be pumped. I started thinking....I surely don't look 12 lbs smaller. Yes, my jeans are somewhat loose--but not 12 lbs worth. I got rid of my baby weight months ago and I'm grateful for that---BUT I am utterly dumbfounded when my scale is telling me such ridiculousness, especially when I haven't even so much as THOUGHT about working out since the beginning of July when I gave up my P90X 2/3rds the way through for a little morning sleep (ok, sheer laziness).

I started pondering this strange event, and that's when it hit me. I could've lost 12 lbs, but boy was it NOT from what I wanted. I think it boils down the fact that my body has lost any muscle tone it once had. In fact, if you find my muscle tone lying around anywhere, would you please tell it to come back to me?? My butt is MIA (missing in action, mom). For the record, this is NOT a good thing. Prior to this whole mom thing, that little hiney was relatively in shape and lately it seems to be sliding down my leg a bit. It's getting smaller by the moment--and NO one is happy about it. Just for a little anatomy lesson, the booty is intended to be perky and a whole separate entity from the leg--NEVER should the two ooze into one.

The biggest hit of all occurred to my lady friends. I think this is the area I'm having the hardest time adjusting to. I've always been rather full-figured up there. But the thing is---they seemed fake, they were so dense and perky--there, I said it. They were pretty great to me. I could go out without a bra (not like I made a habit of that and YES I wore layers so no one could tell---I'm not that girl), and they wouldn't hit the floor. I could buy wicked cheap walmart bras because they kind of supported themselves. Who needs $40 of support--not me! In all honesty, they were the kind people pay for--except that I didn't.

The question is---where are they and what has become of them (oops, I guess that would be questionS)??? They've lost all sense of firmness or perkiness. They seem to have gone south for the winter, but this winter is the kind in Antarctica--NEVER ENDING! I guess the good thing is that it's no longer extremely difficult for me to do a breast exam (the rare times I remember) because there's not much going on in there.  I know this sounds weird, shallow, and horrible, but it's somewhat hard to deal with when a part of your body that you've grown so familiar with is different. I'd feel this way if it was anything--it just happens to be my boobs. I'd also be thrilled if some parts were different than what I'm used to--but that's for another post. In the same way, it would be weird for ME if all of the sudden my little sister lost hers (which let me tell you, make mine look small---sorry sis). While they're not who she is or who I am, they are what we're used to. My ladies may not seem different to anyone else but me, but they are--and I find myself somewhat self conscious about this change. I'm still fitting in my same bras, which is great because who has the money to have to go buy a whole new set of booby-lifters? Have I mentioned I'm not working??

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't change my current bodily changes for the world. The reason God gave me the twins (no, I don't normally call them that and YES, I realize I sound like a gross frat boy) was to be able to nourish my baby. Even in their deflated state, they work miracles (rather, GOD does through them) and are the reason my girlie is growing, healthy, and happy. So yes....I'll take the change with that in mind.

But would I love to lose 12 lbs by a different means??? You betcha bottom dollar! So after I stuff myself with copious amounts of unhealthy food over Christmas and New Year's, I'm going to make it my mission to hopefully keep the weight loss, but begin mission Bring Booty Back. And in the meantime, I guess I'll get comfortable with the fact that I may need to invest in some better bras---no more $5 Walmart specials for me.

Surely, I'm not the only one dealing with these bodily changes?? Please tell me some of you feel my pain! And for those of my friends who are reading this and are pregnant, let this be a foreshadowing of what is to come. hehe!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Acknowledgements, Awards, and Whatnot

I would like to thank Mommy B Knows Best and Big Teeth & Clouds for my second award. Super excited about this honor. You all should go check out these ladies' blogs. You'll be glad I sent ya. Mommy B has just completely redone her blog--had to start up from scratch because some creepo messed up her blogger account. So please stop by her new site.

Since it is better to give than to receive (and since these are the rules of accepting awards in bloggerland), I would love to pass this award on to some blogs I LOVE to follow. I'm super into all the DIY, crafty, money saving, make-me-laugh blogs. So to acknowledge some of my favorites, I'm passing this award to: Our Suburban CottageCoupon Clippin MommyA Soft Place to Land, Confessions of a Control Freak, and  Puget Sound Prudence

I've also received my 3rd award from Southern Sass. Thanks so much, girlie! You all should go check her out.

In order to accept this award, I need to come up with 10 honest things about myself....will you still promise to follow me after reading some of these??

1. I hold my pee for a ridiculous (and unhealthy) amount of time for no other reason than just not feeling like going at the moment. SHEER LAZINESS!! Yep, this is the first one on my list because I'm doing it AS I WRITE and the bathroom is maybe 10 ft. away.

2. Since I'm planning on writing a blog about these later on (as embarrassing and inappropriate as it may be), Bug has left me with the gift that keeps on giving---hemmoroids! I read about them in every pregnancy book and have heard the hard truth from several of my friends after giving birth. I thought since I didn't get them during pregnancy that I had lucked out...........Guess I had another thing coming. I didn't realize you could have hemmoroids unless they were external and visible. For someone that actually does have a brain, I tend to pull a Jessica Simpson every now and again and am so dumb I surprise myself. Yep, hemmoroids can also be internal and are painful as heck!

3. I always, ALWAYS brush my teeth beyond the 2 minute requirement (I know that for sure now since getting the Sonicare toothbrush--best one EVER. You NEED to buy it). I also always wash my hands while mentally singing happy birthday TWICE and rubbing like crazy to get that friction going. For someone who's not exactly a clean-freak---I'm kind of OCD about this. :-)

4. I must, must, MUST always drink with a straw at restaurants and even with to-go cups (I feel ya Southern Sass).  I don't know what or why that is. I mean, I'll gladly eat off their plates and use their utensils...for whatever reason, I can't put my mouth on their cups.

5. Part of me enjoys the fact that I know have a built-in excuse not to do something because of my Bug. At the same time, sometimes I hate it (case in point: probably be chillin with Darling Dearest alone on New Years cuz friends will wanna be out doing something more fun).

6. I'm not completely disgusted with myself if I don't shower for a day or two. Part of me hates the hassle of showering and having to dry my formerly ridiculously thick hair (I say formerly because I just got my hair majorly layered and am not too pumped about my lack of volume at the moment--another post for another time).

7. I love doing and saying things that make people completely uncomfortable---especially my fam. There's nothing I love more than embarrassing people by embarrassing myself in public. Sometimes I like to have a jam session in the store with Darling Dearest hiding in the corner. I can't wait until Bug is older and I can do the same to her. :-)

8. I'm obsessed with google. I google EVERYTHING. I think I would be lost without it.

9. I'm equally obsessed with HGTV thanks to Cleopatra. I have yet to find a show I don't love. I'm particularly Obsessed with Get It Sold, Design on a Dime, Design to Sell, and Divine Design. I think just maybe I'll become as talented as them through osmosis.

10. I don't know where I'd be without my family. Truth: Sometimes I actually think of horrible things happening and having to live without one of them (most often my husband) and I get overwhelmed with sadness. I have the most amazing husband and baby girl. I've also been blessed to have pretty much the greatest family and extended family. I never realized how awesome I had it with these relationships until I've seen others with broken relationships. Truly blessed by God.

I'm passing this fun award on to a few people who's blogs are awesomely honest and keep me entertained.
Mama Still Wears Gucci, The Obnoxious SAHM, The Edwards Edition (my hilarious girlie IRL), and Confessions of a Slightly Neurotic New Mother. Hope you stop by these blogs and show them some love.

***If there are spelling or grammar errors in this post, I just don't care. I am going to fight the urge to re-read this because Bug is up and quite frankly, I'm over this post. :-) ***

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Worst 40 minutes EVER

They say in the case of emergency, a person can lift a car with all the adrenaline flowing through his/her body. Well, I'm here to say.....not this girl!!!

I just went through the scariest 40 minutes of my life. I was in the shower while Bug was spinning around in her jumper. We were going to head out for some Christmas shopping, when I heard the chime of my alarm system go off. Since I don't have the alarm automatically on during the day when I'm home, whenever someone opens or closes a door or window, it makes a chime sound. The dogs heard it too because they went downstairs expecting Darling Dearest to be home. After about a minute after the chime went off, I realized that my husband wouldn't be home---not at that time of day and not without calling me. He hadn't been on Instant Messenger all day, I didn't know if something strange was up. So I hopped out of the shower with my pumpkin hair treatment dripping down my back and called my husband--TWICE. He didn't answer either time. So I called his work extension--no answer. Finally, I called his work for the support line to talk to ANYONE. When one of his co-workers answered and said that he was at his desk on a call, my heart stopped-----He WASN'T HOME. So who was??

His co-worker quickly got him on the phone to talk to me. Now let it be known that I sometimes do scare myself over nothing. I think I hear something I don't, but THIS TIME I had proof. The alarm system said "01 not ready" meaning that my front door or garage door was open,  and I really DID hear the chime. I closed my bedroom door quietly and locked it. Poor pups got locked out of the room. They were downstairs and I was not about to call their names to come upstairs and let someone else know Bug and I were home. I pushed the police emergency button and let the alarm go off. I thought it would scare Bug, but she kept hopping and spinning along in her jumper seat. It must've scared the dogs though because they came straight up to the room door. The problem was, I didn't know it was them. I heard something against the door, but it sounded higher--closer to my head than my feet. At this point, I'm still on the phone with Darling Dearest and I'm now freaking out that someone is by the door. He tells me it's probably the dogs....but I don't think so. I'm scared to death. He tells me to go in the closet, but I'm convinced I need to use my man-power to hold the door shut in case anyone tries to come in through my locked door.

This is when I decide to try to move my dresser in front of the door. It moves all of an inch and won't go further. My towel is falling off and I'm trying to keep it on in case someone does come in...I'm not about to be giving a peep show to my intruder. I give up on the dresser and continue having my heart attack. Hubby says that I may want to try to put on some clothes before the cops get there. That was the last thing I was thinking about, but I decided he was right. Finally, Darling Dearest tells me to call 911 (at this point, the security people already called a dispatcher). After calling the police, I stayed on the phone with them until the deputy arrived, checked the area, and was at the front door. When I finally went downstairs, I saw that the garage door coming inside was open. I told the deputy that, and she assumed that it had been blown open by the wind---a definite possibility because it had done so prior to us having an alarm system.

Before I could have her check the garage, a phone started ringing.....and it wasn't mine. It was coming from inside the house. It was one of those ugly automatic ringtones that are on your phone when you first buy it before you change it. Here comes heart attack number 360,754 of the past 35 minutes. I repeat to her over and over that it isn't my ringtone. Was someone in my house? Did they leave their phone behind?? When I moved toward the sound, I found....MY PHONE. What in the world?? Hubby was calling me back to check on me.

Now I look like a complete idiot. That's when I realize my phone said "emergency mode" which probably happens after you call 911 and must have its own ringtone in that mode (just FYI for anyone else who ever gets in that unfortunate situation).  The deputy checks my garage and sure enough---nothing suspicious is going on. At this point, I'm embarrassed and still shaking. I start crying, trembling, and apologizing. It was weird how the flood gates opened AFTER the police got there and I was safe. She was totally sweet and told me it happens all the time---better safe than sorry. TRUE, but I wish the "safe" feeling hadn't taken 40 minutes to occur. Now Darling Dearest thinks this is his way of getting a gun for the house. YIKES!

Needless to say, I'm still all shaken up. In fact, I have yet to hop in the shower again to wash out this pumpkin hair mask. Hopefully, I'll at least have gloriously moisturized hair to make up for all the extra gray hair I surely have sprouted in the last couple hours. Well, before my hair gets so greasy it starts sliding off my head, I should probably try AGAIN to finish up my shower.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh, rats!!!

The other night, I headed out to the grill to start making dinner when I noticed......


It was on the side of the grill where you'd set the plate, grilling utensils, etc. I had a sneaky suspicion that it was mouse poop, but I was REALLY in denial hoping it wasn't. I made a mental note to have Darling Dearest check out the scene. Last night, he went to look at the grill and see what he thought.

All of the sudden, the sliding door is slammed shut, the doggy door is rapidly closed, our dogs are called inside, and the hubby is looking like he just saw a ghost. He's got the heeby geebies. What in the world happened??

A RAT!! That's what happened!

Darling Dearest opened up the bottom portion of the grill expecting to find a little mouse, when he saw a big old rat. IN.OUR. GRILL. Yep, a rat's been hanging out where we cook our food. Did I mention that we grilled hot dogs out there the other night WHILE the rat was in there? As if hot dogs aren't nasty enough (while oh, so tasty) I don't know how he missed it, but Darling Dearest thought he'd just made a mess while cooking (mistaking the poop for a food mess?? I have no idea!). Our dogs have also been sniffing around the grill all week, but we didn't think much of it.

I've gotta say that even if it was a baby mouse...I'd still be creeped the heck out. But, a RAT!!! I couldn't concentrate. I was having a hard time finishing my dinner. IT was out there--in.our.grill. I was standing right next to it in my bare feet the other day when I went to cook the chicken. UGH! Even thinking of it now sends chills up my spine.

Darling Dearest and I sat inside to discuss the plan of attack. It was a war against the rat. Hubby got all geared up to dispose of the rat. His gloves her tucked into his sweatshirt and he was armed with a shovel and rake. Gardening tools to the rescue!! I couldn't stand the thought of anything that was going to go on, so I took Bug and the dogs upstairs for our bedtime routine.


How many rats were there?? This full-on war was LOUD! Was he killing a whole rat army?? Turns out....nope! The rat was gone. He turned the whole yard around in search of our furry little friend. NOTHING! So we sent out the dogs....NOTHING! The rat had vanished!!

While I'm happy that we didn't have to kill a rat (by we, I mean Darling Dearest), the thought that it's out there---somewhere---freaks me out. I imagine it crawling in through our doggy door and into our house to feast on our food and sleep in our beds. UGH!!! There won't be sweet dreams for me for a while.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Parable of the Poop

What has become of me?? I've been blessed enough to stay home with Bug since she's been born. That means, 9 + months away from the classroom. The former teacher in me wants to find lessons everywhere, and today I reached a new low........


The monologue conversation with Bug this morning during our diaper changing went something like this:

Me: Wow, you're one stinky girl. Did you go poo-poo?? (why we ask questions when we know they're not going to answer is beyond my understanding)

Me: Yes, you did. That's one little poop, but boy do you smell (said while throwing up in my mouth--just a little).

Me: I guess today's lesson for you (Bug) is that even though you're small, you can really pack a big punch!!

So I guess my Parable of the Poop is the modern-day translation of the verse, "Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young." First Timothy 4:12

Ahhh, the teachable moment! Teacher of the year right here!! Hehe!  :-P