Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh, rats!!!

The other night, I headed out to the grill to start making dinner when I noticed......


It was on the side of the grill where you'd set the plate, grilling utensils, etc. I had a sneaky suspicion that it was mouse poop, but I was REALLY in denial hoping it wasn't. I made a mental note to have Darling Dearest check out the scene. Last night, he went to look at the grill and see what he thought.

All of the sudden, the sliding door is slammed shut, the doggy door is rapidly closed, our dogs are called inside, and the hubby is looking like he just saw a ghost. He's got the heeby geebies. What in the world happened??

A RAT!! That's what happened!

Darling Dearest opened up the bottom portion of the grill expecting to find a little mouse, when he saw a big old rat. IN.OUR. GRILL. Yep, a rat's been hanging out where we cook our food. Did I mention that we grilled hot dogs out there the other night WHILE the rat was in there? As if hot dogs aren't nasty enough (while oh, so tasty) I don't know how he missed it, but Darling Dearest thought he'd just made a mess while cooking (mistaking the poop for a food mess?? I have no idea!). Our dogs have also been sniffing around the grill all week, but we didn't think much of it.

I've gotta say that even if it was a baby mouse...I'd still be creeped the heck out. But, a RAT!!! I couldn't concentrate. I was having a hard time finishing my dinner. IT was out there--in.our.grill. I was standing right next to it in my bare feet the other day when I went to cook the chicken. UGH! Even thinking of it now sends chills up my spine.

Darling Dearest and I sat inside to discuss the plan of attack. It was a war against the rat. Hubby got all geared up to dispose of the rat. His gloves her tucked into his sweatshirt and he was armed with a shovel and rake. Gardening tools to the rescue!! I couldn't stand the thought of anything that was going to go on, so I took Bug and the dogs upstairs for our bedtime routine.


How many rats were there?? This full-on war was LOUD! Was he killing a whole rat army?? Turns out....nope! The rat was gone. He turned the whole yard around in search of our furry little friend. NOTHING! So we sent out the dogs....NOTHING! The rat had vanished!!

While I'm happy that we didn't have to kill a rat (by we, I mean Darling Dearest), the thought that it's out there---somewhere---freaks me out. I imagine it crawling in through our doggy door and into our house to feast on our food and sleep in our beds. UGH!!! There won't be sweet dreams for me for a while.


Mindy Sauer said...

Uh, gross! So glad you have a brave husband to keep your home safe from pesky creatures! Just be sure Braya doesn't learn how to say "rat" when you are showing people your house in the coming months! :) Glad the issue was resolved - I hope that's the last of it for you!

MommyB said...

So I tried to find an upside to your rat problem, trying to see if rats were good in anyway and guess what I found? A band: That's about it. So yeah you're intuition is dead on. Let's hope he doesn't come back with friends.

F.T.M. said...

Mindy, wouldn't that be horrible if one was crawling around as we attempted to sell our house?? Hilarious! Jenn, thanks for trying to find the silver lining. hehe!

Angela said...

Hopefully the rat escaped to the forest. Do they travel in packs like mice or are they loners? Here's hoping for a loner rat. Yuck.