Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Babies R Us

Dear Babies R Us,

Perhaps you have forgotten (even though it's in your very name) that you are a BABY store. Yes, I love that you typically have exactly what I'm looking for and I can count on you for my products. However, the fact that you supply baby goodies also inherently means that there will be a lot of extra returns. While baby showers are a lot of fun and a great help to the new mama, let's be honest folks---sometimes we get things we may not want, need, or even LIKE. What one person thinks is this adorable outfit for baby, mama may not appreciate so much. So what is needed? A RETURN! What about the mama who buys Newborn clothes and the baby pops out a full-grown toddler (ok, slight exaggeration---but I come from a fam of big babies, with the exception of my own) and can't fit into that size. What is needed then? A RETURN! An exchange of sizes, if you will.  What about the person who got two of something AS GIFTS? What is needed? A RETURN!

Oh Babies R Us,  do you not realize that a store complete with all things baby is bound to need a good return policy?? Let's be honest, some people don't give gift receipts, sometimes we have NO proof of purchase (especially in the case of gifts--AS PEOPLE LIKE TO GET BABIES), sometimes we need different sizes of the SAME EXACT THING, sometimes these items aren't from our baby registry WHEN OUR BABY IS OVER 10 MONTHS OLD!!!

Is your means of having a return policy to not allow returns AT ALL? I've gone through this three times now with you, Babies R Us. In fact, people who have heard the stories don't believe they're true because your policy is that ridiculous. Let's rewind  to before my Bug was born when I received some items from your store at a baby shower--things I didn't want/need/like. They still had their tags, but didn't happen to come with a gift receipt. You would not return these for me because of no proof of purchase and because I didn't have the item(s) on my registry. You're going to punish ME for not putting items that I did not want, need, or like on my registry?? Really?? You're going to force me to try to trick the system by later adding these items to my registry online only so I could take them back?? Is something wrong with adding yet one more ridiculous thing to do on an 8 month pregnant person's list?? How about the fact that I couldn't find one of the newborn clothing items online to add to my registry (the size wasn't available), so I just had to keep it?? Thanks Babies R Us.

Come with me to a good 6 months or so when I went into your fine establishment to exchange a small sleep sack for a medium one of the same kind. I did register for a sleep sack, but got one in a different color. I was fine with this, but it doesn't seem that you were, Babies R Us, because you gave me the hardest time about exchanging something when I didn't have a proof of purchase. Yes, it was still in all its packaging and had never been touched, but that wasn't good enough for you. After 20 million managers later and much wasted time, you begrudgingly allowed me to get a bigger size for my growing daughter. Oh, how kind!

Finally, the straw that broke the camels back occurred yesterday. I had asked for 12 month warm, winter PJs for Bug since her stuff was too small on her. Well, for Christmas, I got exactly what I asked for from several people----cute, snuggly 12 month PJs. The problem, Babies R Us, is that the Carters 12 month clothing is evidentally too big for her and I didn't realize this. Yes, she may be able to fit into them in a few months when the weather is cold still, but will she be able to make use of all the ones I got?? Probably not. It'll be spring in GA--the weather could be warm or cold. Would she have pjs to wear now?? Nope! After telling my mom of my pridicament, she couldn't believe that you wouldn't take a couple of them back for a smaller size. I wanted the EXACT SAME PRODUCT. So I threw out my former opinions of you and your return policy and attempted to turn a new leaf in light of the new year approaching. Oh Babies R Us, you disappointed me yet AGAIN. The customer service girl was not going to do any of it for me.

Did I have a proof of purchase??

You mean these tags on the pjs aren't proof enough?? What about the fact that I walked right in to the customer service desk so you knew I didn't swipe these pjs from the racks?? What about the fact that they were a gift and were exactly what I asked for so the people didn't think to add a gift receipt??

Were these items on my registry??

Lady, my baby is over 10 months old. I haven't put anything on my registry in over a year! NO, I am not going to register for all her gifts from now until she grows out of your lack-of-a-decent-return-policy store.

Finally, she gets a manager to be oh so kind as to allow me to switch sizes to the exact same item. I'm thrilled to have finally gotten through! Wouldn't you know it, they don't have any more in her size and I'm out the door with the same pjs I went in with. UGH!!!

Babies R Us, I think I'd have better luck taking back YOUR merchandise to Walmart where at least they know how to treat a customer with their return policy. Way to get us mamas and soon-to-be mamas back on the returning process. You're really fighting the bad guys!


Annoyed First Time Mommy

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