Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Goodbye Letter

Top reasons I'm ready to say goodbye to this apartment:

1. While the spiders, roaches, and other bugs have been quite friendly (joining us in bed, watching TV in the living room, waiting on Bug's changing table for her, etc.), I believe I'm finally ready to bid them goodbye and get my non-spider bit legs back. Although they have come to visit a little less since pest control came and sprayed, I feel we've developed a relationship where I'm comfortable not seeing them at all. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

2. To the neighbor above me, although I haven't met you in the 2 months we've been here, I feel as though I know you. You like to bowl or run around with heavy feet into the wee hours of the morning. You must be an insomniac (like I am NOW) because there seems to be more action in your apartment at 2AM than at 6PM. While I do appreciate your energy, I can say that I'm ready to say goodbye to what I always think are extremely loud thunderstorms that shake our apartment, but always end up to be you. After being here two months, I actually wonder what sleep looks like. Perhaps I'll get reacquainted with it once I'm not beneath your constant flash dance party upstairs.

3.  As much as I love taking the dogs out several times a day to go the bathroom in a relatively small area of grass that every other dog in the apartment uses and my feet are probably covered in poop bacteria when returning to the house (yes, that is the longest dependent clause known to man), I think I may be ready to have a fenced in yard yet again. While I'm SOOO grateful that the apartment provides green poop bags and most of the people here are great about cleaning up after their dogs, I may be able to go on with life not picking up another soft poop in a green bag that I'm hoping and praying doesn't have a little hole in it while trying to manage two dogs, one little Bug on my hip, and praying no other dogs come around to get mine all riled up. Fence around my future house---I'm ready for you again!

4. Since I just declared my love for my future fence, it's only fair to be 100% honest in my love affair for my future yard. Oh yard, how I look forward to the day Bug can play in you--in an area I'm confident isn't covered in the dog pee and remnants of dog poop from neighborhood dogs. I count down the days until we have a green area of our own to run and play in without worrying that a car will fly by. In the past, I may not have been as grateful for you as I should, but that's all changed now, and I will love you until the day I die.

5. To the apartment neighborhood kids, while I realize much of how you act is primarily the result of your parents and the situation you've been raised in, and while I don't judge you or have bad feelings toward you, I think we've reached a point where I can leave and not miss the WAY-too-grown up comments and inappropriate talk of 8 year old boys to an adult woman. Some of you have been very sweet and child-like, as a CHILD should be, but others of you need to have some soap in your mouths. It makes me sad for you, as I can only imagine what environment you're living in to feel so comfortable talking the way you do. My self-confidence with not be shattered without the cat-call of a 7 year old, thank you!

This list could go on for a while, but I think the top 5 is a pretty good start. We close on the 23rd and officially move in on the 25th, which means we're less than a month away THANK GOODNESS!! In all honesty, the apartment we're in is pretty nice for an apartment. We picked one that was in the best area, etc. because of Bug and the fact that we'd be spending a quarter of a year here. We've been blessed for the most part in being here instead of other places. Unfortunately, I've realized it's very hard to go from detached house living to apartment living after nearly 5 years of being away from apartment living. If I wasn't grateful for the house I'll be in oh-so-soon (and man...I thought I really was), I am even more so now. I think my heart is officially prepared to say goodbye to this 900 sq. foot apartment and onto to the next thing. I'm contemplating making a multi-colored paper chain to count down the days, but think it may make this next month crawl even slower than it already is. Here's to counting down until the end of June!!

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Susannah said...

Yikers dude! Sorry it is sucking so much! And you will have to give me the scoop on the youngsters! Ha!