Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Procrastinate Much??

So here we are TWO days from closing. We've got until Sunday at 4pm to be out of the house. The clock is ticking and I should be packing.....



Well, not very fast anyway. See, I packed up a lot of things a couple weeks ago before the hiccup in our closing happened. Now that things are settled and I have a good amount of stuff packed, I'm under the false impression that there's not much to do and I've stopped doing ANYTHING! UGH....I know myself. I need some sense of urgency to get things done. I'm far enough away from actually moving on Saturday that I don't want to pack up something I'll potentially need in the next several days, but I'm too close for comfort to still have as much as I do unpacked. I keep telling myself, "Oh, I'll throw my entire closet into one garbage bag and head to the apartment." It's still such a weird time of year here---one day warm, one day snowing--that I don't want to get rid of my winter clothes and be more organized just yet. SO I plan on taking everything with me and worrying about organizing later (which will mean never).

Today, I've packed a few more boxes and will probably pack more before the end of the day, BUT I seriously need someone to light a fire under my butt. I'm MOVING---IN.A.FEW.DAYS!!!  What's wrong with me?

Because I know myself enough to predict the future, behold what will happen in the next few days.

Today--I've got time to finish packing, la-de-da-de-da. I'm just going to play with Bug, check facebook, do some cleaning, and blog when I should be packing.

Tomorrow--We close tomorrow (Thurs), BUT I don't have to move until Saturday. SOOO...I've still got some time, right?? I've gotta go sign the lease and check into our apartment for the next 3 months. Maybe I'll take a couple garbage bags of clothes to throw in the closet while I'm there. Now THAT would be productive, but only somewhat.

Thursday--We close TODAY! But...I've still got time to pack, right?? The buyer's agent is coming today to do a walk-through to make sure we haven't punched holes in the wall. I guess I should kind of make it look like we're actually attempting to move out of here. Hmmm, maybe I'll pack a box or two.

Friday---We closed! My dad and his friend are here from NY to help us pack. Oh my gosh...that means I'm moving--TOMORROW!!!! What in the world? I've got so much to do!! Couldn't someone have told me we were moving sooo soon? How am I supposed to get things ready in time? I was going to start taking trips down to the apartment today, but I've got so much to do. Is that a panic attack I'm having???

Saturday---My friends are here to help me move and Darling Dearest has picked up the Uhaul. Does this mean I'm supposed to be organized and prepared?? I stayed up until 4AM last night to get things done and I'm still not ready. Why do I look like such an unorganized mess?? I had everything else checked off my checklist, EXCEPT this whole packing thing. Darnit....procrastinate much??

Someone please stop the insanity and explain to me that I need to get a move on. Just because I'm mostly packed, doesn't mean I'm totally packed. Will someone explain this to me? Am I in thr 4th  grade trying to convince my mom to let me play outside because my homework is MOSTLY done or my room is MOSTLY clean?? Can the grown-up verson of myself please give me a swift kick to the butt??

Well, Bug just woke up and I'm probably off to more procrastinating....

Please tell me I'm not the only procrastinator out there!


Paula said...

ha! Okay...GET OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO AND PACK!! Seriously, just feign diarrhea and a head cold and go to a hotel until it is all over...if only! Good luck and congratulations!!!

Susannah said...

It's just like PAC-why would we all wait until Feb 28 when it was due March 1? We work better under pressure. You will get it done, it just may be late Friday night. :D
Love ya!

Susannah said...

What is the name of the thing you used to do B's scrapbook thingy???

F.T.M. said...

scrapblog.com----It's the best!

Gucci Mama said...

Ok. Here's how I moved last time. Our moving date was Jan. 7. I had everything but absolute essentials packed by Nov.15. And I did not pack in boxes. I hate boxes. Instead, I sold my soul to Target for 972 plastic bins and 65 tons of tissue paper.
Then I hired people to load it into a truck, drive across country, and then unload it at my new house.

Then again, I am insane. So, good luck with your move. ;)