Thursday, January 7, 2010

Projects & Pics

So in the effort to become more crafty, I've managed to complete some DIY projects for my house. I did a couple Christmas decorations that I'll put up once I finally get all my Christmas pics in one place. Yep, you'll probably get my Christmas pics update in February. :-)

ANYWHO....As you know, we're going to put our house on the market soon. It was supposed to be right after the holidays, but my house currently looks like a hot mess and I feel like I'm starting from square 1 all over again. It's just so stinkin' hard to get to finish my to-do list when I'm chasing around Bug all day.

Then why are you wasting your time on this thing right now?? Yeah...I heard you. You asked it.

Beats me! I probably shouldn't be...but it is nice to have a couple minutes sitting in bed and doing my own thing...even if it's only long enough for me to write this post.

So I've begun the process of making my house less personal---taking down the pictures, etc. Let me tell you, my house was pretty much covered in pictures. Since I'm not about to decor me out of house and home, I decided to make some of it. I saw this project on using styrofoam materials. I got some foam board, spray glue, and scrapbooking paper and off I are the results. They're not perfect, but they're cheap, they'll do, I did it myself, and so----I love them.

I just cut the foamboard into 12x12" squares (some of them I pieced together from leftovers because you can only get 2 whole 12x12 squares out of one piece of foamboard---better to use the leftovers and tape them together.), sprayed it with spray glue, put the scrapbooking paper on the top & smoothed it out, then covered the edges with ribbon. The ribbon didn't exactly lay flat because I definitely hacked up some of the edges of the foamboard when cutting, but at least you can't see my hack job. :-) Pictures below (I was messing around with the settings of my new camera & I still don't have a good program to do any editing in---any ideas??).

And while we're at it....some other pics of the house (ok, I just wanted an excuse to mess around with the Canon Rebel XSi I got for Christmas...yay!)

I tbought these wall hangings with the candles for like 8 bucks together at Ross. I need to go back to find some centerpieces and decor for my mantle.

Let me just say that the balls in this bowl smell like YUMMY cinnamon (or used can I get their scent back?)

So can I keep these berries up as "winter" decorations and not Christmas decorations for when my house is for sale?? They're neutral enough, right?? Please say, YES!

Yes, I know the sap is coming out on some of these Ikea mirrors--already bought replacements. :-) Still more berries in this room.

Don't these fake hydrangeas look real?? I have them in my bathroom too.

PS....I'm not editing this post because Bug just woke up and I need to go be a mama. :-) Sorry for any typos or misspelled words in advance.


Stephanie said...

How did you hang the foam boards? I'm thinking this would be a super cute (and cheap) way to display some of my son's art.

F.T.M. said...

I just stuck those little claw hangers (like the kinds on the back of frames) in the backs with the tiny nails they come with. They push right in since it's foam. I got those at Michaels too. This would be an awesome way to display your son's art. I would make sure that you make sure you stick the claw hangers (I'm sure there's a more professional term) at the SAME spot on each square. Measure it. Otherwise, you'll have problems getting everything even and lined up right on the wall. I learned that the hard way. :-)

Susannah said...

Awesome project, and the pics look great! Aren't you glad you have a good camera now? :D Is B walking yet? Is she into everything?

Mindy said...

I LOVE the foamboards... so cute! And you chose the perfect papers too! Beautiful work and beautiful photography!!

Deanna said...

Looks Great!

Try putting the balls in a ziplock bag with some cinnamon oil and shake like crazy!

Following from MBC follow me club. Hope you can visit my blog too!

Jamee said...

Love your decor!

Following from MBC :)

Deanna said...

I found cinnamon oil and lemon oil at Bulk Barn(bulk food/spice store in Canada) But you should be able to get it at a craft store like Michael's. Check out the soap making and candy making aisles.

I also received for Christmas 2 yrs ago Home Fragrance Oil from The Body Shop in a cranberry scent that is really nice. If you check there it may be marked down right now as it is a "Christmas" scent. Let me know how you make out!


Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

Everything looks lovely!! Love all of your pics and great job on the wall art!! It looks Awesome~

Amie said...

I have done this before too. I love them they spiff up any wall space. Also they mimic some similiar wall decor by Ballard Designs but for half the price. Tooo cute!

tpurk said...

New cameras are fun but take awhile to learn. There are a couple of free editing programs available - Picasa is a popular one. Thanks for sharing the project and enjoy the new camera. Visiting from ASPTL.
Terrie @ Your Decorating Hotline